Fri, March 23rd

Sat, March 31st 

NIXON and Where’s My Ukulele?


Friday, March 23rd, 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 7:30 p.m.)

Your Feature Troupe: 
NIXON — Reaves McElveen, Jamal Newman, Annie Barry — will take you on a fast paced high octane long form improv comedy journey through anything and everything you can imagine. These three veteran improvisers have performed improv, stand up, and sketch for sold out crowds all across the DC area. Come see them join forces to create improv gold!
Your Headlining Troupe: 
Formed out of Unified Scene Theater short form improv classes, Where’s My Ukulele (Mike Taylor, William Kuduk, Liz Crowther, Sachin Kandari, Kelsey Flora, Tasha Prados, Diane Killion) fuses soft-rock musical stylings with the classic Harold improv format to deliver a musical experience heretofore unknown to the entire galaxy. They started in Spring 2017 and are based out of Eckington, DC.
Show starts at 8 pm (doors at 7:30 pm)

Bring Back the ’90s


Friday, March 30th, 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 7:30 p.m.)

Someone once warned us against thinking in terms of decades, because they aren’t really that definitive or all-encompassing when it comes to summarizing an era. But you know? To hell with that dude. For instance, the ’90s! Who doesn’t love them? A Clinton in the White House! Zach and Slater were still at Bayside! P Diddy was still Puffy. Those were the days, right? Well, no need to simply reminisce: the cast of Bring Back the ’90s will make them reappear right before your eyes, via the magic of technology (they’ll broadcast music videos from that decade) and the even magic-er magic of improv. It’ll be bigger than Zach Morris’ cell phone! They’ll be joined by VI Lenin, who instead of magic, prefers relentless, iron-clad control as they guide you to the funny. Just obey…

Your Featured Troupe: Bring Back the ’90s
The ’90s were a great time for pop culture, fashion, and of course… music videos! Bring Back the 90s is an improv show based on the most memorable 90s music videos. The audience will get to choose which music videos to watch. The cast will use the images and lyrics from those videos to create hilarious, and off-the-charts scenes.
Bring Back The ’90s is: 
  • Erick Acuña
  • Elaine Colwell
  • Ginnie Sieger
  • Martin Steger
Show starts at 8 pm (doors at 7:30 pm)

Frenemies: The Buckley-Vidal Debates and Gravid Watto


Saturday, March 31st, 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 7:30 p.m.)

During the 1968 Republican Convention, conservative commentator William F. Buckley and novelist and progressive public raconteur Gore Vidal agreed to take part in a series of live television debates throughout ABC’s coverage, a series of debates that eventually descended into venomous spirited name-calling and threats of violence: live, on camera, Vidal called Buckley a “crypto-Nazi,” and Buckley responded by calling Vidal a “little queer” and then threatening to punch Vidal in his “goddamned face” whereupon he would “stay plastered.”
We at The Unified Scene Theater can think of no better time than the present to resurrect the spirits of these two esteemed men, as well as the rhetorical tone they both took when engaging intellectually. Taking various and decidedly non-political subjects throughout the show, William F. Buckley (Shawn Westfall) and Gore Vidal (Chris Ulrich) will debate (read: improvise) the merits of each, with a moderator (Paul Hitlin) in tow to ensure that name calling and violence doesn’t occur – or ensure it does.
William F. Buckley: Shawn Westfall
Gore Vidal: Chris Ulrich
Moderator: Paul Hitlin
Your Headlining Troupe: Gravid Watto
One one side: Improvisors who can recite scenes from the Star Wars films word-for-word. On the other side: Improvisors who haven’t the foggiest about the classic space opera series. What follows is a show lovingly inspired by Stephen Ruddy’s Gravid Water, transforming Star Wars scenes into something this galaxy has yet to experience. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, it’s more than enough entertainment for you to shake a lightsaber at!
Star Wars Geeks: 
  • Greg Benge
  • Ryan Brookshire
  • Alex Kazanas
  • Jamal Newman
  • J.R. Youngblut
  • Michael Hendrix
  • Liz Sanders
Non-Star Wars Geeks:
  • Molly Graham
  • Brianna Lux
  • Dana Malone
  • Katie Ozog
  • Renan Snowden
  • Ben Taylor
Show starts at 8 pm (doors at 7:30 pm)

80 T Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001

Rhode Island Ave & T St, NW

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