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Marzipan, IRL, & To Be Frank

$12. Pre-Sale | $15. At Door

Saturday, October 6th 8pm


Your Opener: Marzipan 

Based on a suggestion from the audience, Marzipan makes up a montage of scenes on the spot that feature high-energy characters in interesting locations.

Marzipan is: 

  • Kathy Baird Westfall
  • Goli Samimi
  • Nick Bourke
  • Jared Morgan
  • Dan Brunner
  • Paul Chen
  • MV Banks


Your Feature Troupe: IRL

IRL features a style that is grounded and patient. They are focused on building relationships and having fun that comes from honest and real reactions.

IRL is: 

  • Lauren Cross
  • Paul Hitlin
  • Julia Rocchi
  • Sara Rouhi
  • Jason Walther
  • Elise Webb


Your Headlining Troupe: To Be Frank

Truth isn’t truth, right? Or is it? To Be Frank asks the audience to share a word or phrase they’d like to hear something truthful about, and the evening goes from there. TBF explores very real relationships and characters to mine that old saying: there’s truth in comedy.

To Be Frank is: 

  • Kate Symes
  • Katie Ozog
  • Jaci Pulice
  • Denny Johnson 

OLGA, The Quitters, and The Ladies of Lansbury Heaf

$12. Pre-Sale | $15. At Door

Friday, October 12th 8pm


Your Opener: OLGA

OLGA is a Baltimore-based comedy duo comprised of Jen Diamond and Pam Hugi. Jen and Pam have a cat named Zucchini and love their moms a lot. Come watch OLGA perform a scene from a movie they’ve never seen before (which is every movie because they have only seen the Sex and the City Movie and it was ok but not as good as the tv show).


Your Feature Troupe: The Quitters

The Quitters will quit the shit out of you. With all the charisma of an emoji and the dedication of anyone you ever met on Tinder, these ladies will create an entire world based on nothing but the stuff you’ve quit. And they’ll erase any of your lingering guilt. Because we’re all just a bunch of natural-born quitters. Get behind it, Quitter Nation.

The Quitters is: 

  • Sanaa Abrar
  • Paula Atkinson
  • Molly Graham
  • Tonya Jordan
  • Jenny Koch
  • Kristin O’Brien
  • Andrea Quach
  • Karyn Wilson


Your Headliner: The Ladies of Lansbury Heaf

Let the Ladies of Lansbury Heaf (Kate Symes and Caroline Pettit) welcome you into their home, a B&B in the Yorkshire Dales of England, and give you a tour of the facilities and a rundown of the night’s menu and activities.

Show starts at 8 pm (doors at 7:30 pm)


“Mystery Hospital” — A Live Podcast Hospital, er “Drama”


Saturday, October 13th 8pm


This evening, The Unified Scene Theater and Practically Radio Theater are proud to unveil a new regular show, one that hearkens back to a bygone era: radio, before we placed the word “satellite” in front of it. Back when you could turn the dial in your car, on your home console, or transistor and take a listen to what you got. What did you get? Over the decades you got everything from NPR and its local affiliates to the BBC to live sports broadcasts to morning zoo shows to, yeah, hospital dramas. And we’re bringing all of that to you in “Mystery Hospital!” Join us for an evening going up and down the dial, and through the decades, and see if you can figure out whodunnit — and yeah, laugh as you do. Contemporary, to be sure, but with a nod to the great radio days of yesteryear: think of it at “A Prairie Home Companion” meets “National Lampoon Radio Hour.” This will be a live-to-podcast radio play.


Voice Actors:

  • Ryan Baugh
  • Todd Georgelas
  • Lia Kvatum
  • Pierce McManus
  • Nate Sans
  • Erin Smith
  • Shawn Westfall


Written by:

  • Lia Kvatum
  • Shawn Westfall
  • Pierce McManus
  • Nate Sans

Sound Engineering and Other Foley Art: 

John Papageorgiu

The Artless Bards and Fish Outta Water

$12. Pre-Sale | $15. At Door

Friday, October 19th 8pm


Tonight The Artless Bards grace the stage of The Unified Scene Theater, and they’ll be joined by Fish Outta Water! Come out this Midautumn night and dream some funny Shakespeare and non-Shakespeare stuff with us.

Your Feature Troupe: The Artless Bards 

For thy entertainment this eve: The Artless Bards, a rascally troupe of scapegraces and dunderpates who shalt mangle, confusticate, and otherwise bedevil the memory of the Bard. What will spin faster? Their tongues as they spin a fantastical tale, or the Bard’s corpse as his life’s work is profaned for your pleasure?!?! The play’s the thing! All the world’s a stage!

The Artless Bards:

  • Seth Alcorn
  • John Miceli
  • Erin Smith
  • Stephen Major
  • Julia D’Ambrosi
  • Shawn Westfall
  • Liz Crowther
  • Iulia Gheorghiu
  • Elijah Sloan



Your Headliner: Fish Outta Water 

It used to be called “Gravid Watto.” But we’re rebranding this awesome monthly show because it’s expanding, too.

If you’re familiar with Gravid Watto, you know the premise: we coupled the biggest “Star Wars” nerds in the area, those who could recite dialogue from every episode verbatim, with improvisors who decidedly *weren’t* fans of the movies to the point of never having seen them. Then we put them in scenes together, with the SW nerds reciting dialogue from the movie, and the improvisors, well, not. Hilarity ensued.

But since there’s so much cinema history to be drawn from, and since there are so much cinema that many improvisors have never seen, we’re expanding out of the Star Wars universe into those of other classic movie narratives. Hence the name change to Fish Outta Water, and hence, more fun to be had by all. Movie geeks of all stripes will love this — which, in short, means everyone.

Fish Outta Water: 

  • Greg Benge
  • Heather Marie Vitale
  • Paul Hitlin
  • Em Fiske
  • Spencer Orenstein
  • Kevin Koeser
  • Matt Strote
  • Allyn Engle

Show starts at 8:00 pm (doors at 7:30 pm)


Frenemies and Bring Back the 90s

$12. Pre-Sale | $15. At Door

Saturday, October 20th 8pm


Your Feature Troupe: Frenemies — The Buckley-Vidal Debates

During the 1968 Republican Convention, conservative commentator William F. Buckley and novelist and progressive public raconteur Gore Vidal agreed to take part in a series of live television debates throughout ABC’s coverage, a series of debates that eventually descended into venomous spirited name-calling and threats of violence: live, on camera, Vidal called Buckley a “crypto-Nazi,” and Buckley responded by calling Vidal a “little queer” and then threatening to punch Vidal in his “goddamned face” whereupon he would “stay plastered.”

We at The Unified Scene Theater can think of no better time than the present to resurrect the spirits of these two esteemed men, as well as the rhetorical tone they both took when engaging intellectually. Taking various and decidedly non-political subjects throughout the show, William F. Buckley (Shawn Westfall) and Gore Vidal (Chris Ulrich) will debate (read: improvise) the merits of each, with a moderator Howard K. Smith (Paul Hitlin) in tow to ensure that name calling and violence doesn’t occur – or ensure it does.

Your Headliner: Bring Back the 90s 

Someone once warned us against thinking in terms of decades, because they aren’t really that definitive or all-encompassing when it comes to summarizing an era. But you know? To hell with that dude. For instance, the ’90s! Who doesn’t love them? A Clinton in the White House! Zach and Slater were still at Bayside! P Diddy was still Puffy. Those were the days, right? Well, no need to simply reminisce: the cast of Bring Back the ’90s will make them reappear right before your eyes, via the magic of technology (they’ll broadcast music videos from that decade) and the even magic-er magic of improv. It’ll be bigger than Zach Morris’ cell phone!

Bring Back The ’90s is: 

  • Erick Acuña,
  • Nik Manohar
  • Neil Barron
  • Olivia Martinez
  • Elaine Colwell
  • Ginnie Seger
  • Martin Steger


Show starts at 8 pm (doors at 7:30 pm)

80 T Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001

Rhode Island Ave & T St, NW

7-ish Blocks from Shaw Metro Station 100 Feet from Capital Bike Share